"Imagine an NFT that provides utility throughout an entire blockchain"...


The BSC News NFT is a collection of 10,000 premium access memberships that grant holders access to exclusive perks all around BNB Chain.
BSC News NFT holders will receive:
  • Lifetime access to BSC News premium content
  • Access to our exclusive Gaming Guild, with a 100% profit share
  • A large variety of exclusive perks provided by our ever-expanding list of partners
We have formed a list of over 15 partnerships with top quality projects, each with a different value proposition to our holders. We have made sure to include suitable utility for every BNB Chain user, whether their interests lie with NFTs, DeFi, GameFi or even Metaverse projects.
The utility offered by our Partners consists of things like exclusive Metaverse access, Whitelist spots to upcoming projects, Airdrops, NFT & token raffles, boosted APYs yield farms and more.
We have an in-house team dedicated to constant expansion of this list of utility, so it will continue to grow over time, even across other chains like Solana and Ethereum.
We also seek to eventually offer our holders real-world utility, by providing them discounted trading fees on Centralized Exchanges and even discount codes for traditional online stores.
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