Vision & Roadmap

The BSC News NFT is a lifetime membership, we plan to make this last a lifetime.


We built this NFT project with the future in mind.
Our goals are to:
1) Establish the BSC News NFT as the leading utility-based NFT on BNB Chain through constant expansion and refinement of our long list of partnerships.
2) Establish our Premium Content as the most reliable source of up-to-date Alpha for all of BNB Chain, especially once the Market begins to regain traction.
3) Cultivate a clan of elite gamers within our Guild to eventually compete in future web3 e-sports tournaments.

Mint Launch - 09/14/2022


Q4 2022:

  • Rolling out utility from previously established Partnerships
  • Expanding current list of Partnerships
  • Promotional campaigns to encourage continued minting
  • Full establishment of the Gaming Guild & Scholarship system
  • Airdrops and Whitelist Opportunities to reward Early Adopters
  • Restricting Premium Content so it's only accessible to Holders

Q1 2023

  • Expansion of Utility to cross-chain
  • Introduction of Real-World Utility
  • Secret PFP Collection airdropped to all BSC News NFT Holders
  • Beginning development of the BSC News NFT Online Portal
  • TBA...