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Information about BSC News
Founded in 2020, BSC News has established itself as the leading media platform on BNB Chain, covering a wide range of Blockchain news, with our primary focal point being Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
BSC News aims to inform, educate and share information with the global investment community through our website, social media, newsletters, podcasts, research, and live AMAs with some of the leading figures in Crypto. Our content reaches hundreds of thousands of active participants within the BNB Chain DeFi ecosystem.
BSC News was the first dedicated media outlet to BNB Chain. Our team strives to provide in-depth and comprehensive data analysis, insightful opinion pieces, and constant reporting on the DeFi ecosystem through all avenues of media. We have secured a portion of the Binance Accelerator Fund through continuous development and media coverage.
BSC News also owns and is affiliated with, but not limited to:

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