Partner Marketing Progam (PMP)

BSC News has announced the launch of the Partner Marketing Program (PMP) in conjunction with BSC News NFT
The program seeks to provide a dynamic path of collaboration between BSC News and partner projects, offering free advertisement services and bonuses for participants. The program is centered around BSC News NFTs, which are used to participate in the program, incentivizing the growth of BSC News NFT as well as the promotion of partner projects.
In order to participate in the program, prospective partner projects must purchase a marketing package of at least $3,000 worth in BSC News NFT mints. The number of NFTs is subject to change as the price of $BNB changes.
The benefits of the program are as follows:
  • 1 free press release per year.
  • 1 month of free banner ads per year (limited to 1 week per quarter and cannot be carried over).
  • Floor pricing on all BSC News advertising content while a member of the program.
  • NFT staking for additional marketing credits (coming in November of 2022).
Interested projects can contact [email protected] to learn more about joining PMP. Check out the official BSC News NFT website, Twitter, Discord server, and Linktree to learn about its various perks and benefits.